Murphysboro, Illinois, United States | Praise & Worship

REAL Worship is the full-time in house worship band and vocal team at REAL Church in Murphysboro, Illinois. Aside from having their initial Decatur-based project debut, this group is packed with brand new talent, and yet retains their core songwriters, husband and wife duo, Jermaine & Mallory Bollinger.


As mentioned before, REAL Worship began as a 14-piece band and vocal team on the East side of Decatur, Illinois at gtChurch, but the heart and soul of the group was Mallory and Jermaine. They recorded the album in their home studio, and plan to release their sophomore project with their new Murphysboro-based worship team, as their journey continues on the heart of this southern Illinois city. 


Click the play button on the SoundCloud link to play the preview for REAL Worship's featured song from their debut album, AMAZING. 


Play the YouTube videos below to see their music and song videos from their singles, 'Amazing', the title track from the group's first album, and 'Hallelujah', the fan favorite from their project! You can also purchase AMAZING on this page by clicking on the 'Get Album' link on the top left of the album artwork!

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