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183 DAYS

Jermaine Bollinger - "183 Days"

It's been that long since my last show. It's been longer since I've written anything or released anything new. My last show as Jermaine Bollinger was one of the saddest days of my life. Ever since then, I've felt this hole. Little Egypt Worship did well to fill the void and CarTunes had its place in my heart, but it just wasn't the same. Sunday, September 26 was when I played my last show, and I thought it was time to say goodbye. I thought I was going to spend more time with my family. I thought this would "fix" everything. Unfortunately, everything still fell apart. So after spending some time hiding away, and thinking I would never pick up the old JB guitar again, some very important people in my life told me that it just wasn't time to hang it up yet. Let's face it: what I didn't want to have happen happened, and it was inevitable, no matter how hard I tried. It broke me, but I had to be broken to reveal what was inside. Through the shattered pieces bore a beautiful and pristine new day, shining through the cavities of my shattered past. I was finally free to be myself. I didn't have to hide. I was glad to become the best version of myself, and was glad that I changed for the better, but I still didn't realize my full potential. I had to break free in order to do that. This is my letter of freedom. This is my overdue love note to the masses, finally proclaiming my liberty. Not only am I free, I don't have to live a lie anymore. I also don't have to concede to the demands of sacrificing my dreams, just to appease to the mundane nature of being an adult. I can be a father, have a job, be a son, be a friend, have responsibilities, and still have dreams and aspirations. I can now say that full of confidence with people in my corner, hope, peace, and joy in my heart. What a concept to know that relief is actually attainable, even if you reach for the stars. I'm reaching higher than ever before, and I know that there are people lifting me up and cheering me on. It's an amazing feeling, and I am so grateful to say... I'M BACK.

Jermaine Bollinger

Jermaine is a multi-instrumentalist who has been singing since before he could talk. He began playing the drums at age 9, keyboards at age 10, guitar at age 14, and bass at age 20.

Jermaine loves spending time with his kids and step kids, playing and watching basketball, and watching movies.

Aside from spending time with loved ones, Jermaine spends his free time doing graphic design, recording engineering, watching Marvel movies, biking, or being a homebody.

Jermaine loves the fall, and really enjoys integrating all eras of music and genres into services.

Jermaine was trained in recording engineering by Todd Herreman, a former SIU Carbondale recording engineering instructor who has worked closely with legends including Prince, Brian Wilson, and Michael Jackson.

Jermaine has also received masterclasses, instrumental, and vocal training from inspiring vocal coaches and accomplished individuals, Terence Ma, the late Steve Shirk [father of Joseph Shirk], Darryl Phinnessee, Alan Iarussi and Tommy Taylor.

Jermaine Bollinger is a seasoned veteran in the Christian music industry, and has several chart-topping singles, including over 15 #1 singles: 


'Hallelujah', Cre8ion [Jermaine Bollinger/Little Egypt Worship/Salvation Studios]

'I Belong To You', Cre8ion [Jermaine Bollinger/Little Egypt Worship/Salvation Studios]


'Sweet Little Jesus Boy', *One Voice, [Jermaine Bollinger/Salvation Studios]


'Love Remains', NOMAD [Jermaine Bollinger/Salvation Studios].


*"Sweet Little Jesus Boy" was also runner-up for Song of the Year on the Christian Radio Chart.

Jermaine was also nominated for various awards for his singles:


"The Solid Rock" and "Risen" were both nominated for Louder Than the Music's 'Best Single' award.


"The Solid Rock" was nominated for Mid-America Music Awards' 'Best Christian Single'. The song received runner-up honors.


'Never Leave' was a finalist for the Christian Songwriting Competition's Christian Music Competition.


'Guardian' was in the top 25 in the world for the Christian Songwriting Competition.

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