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Our goal at Jermaine Bollinger is to honor God through music by covering our favorite modern worship songs, and creating original material for you to close your eyes, lift your hands, and freely worship to. 

Many churches, youth camps, and christian events are desperately looking for musicians to bring their students and congregations  closer to God, while preparing their hearts for a timely message. We understand that, and we are already praying for the success of your event.


Our goal is to make your event or service run as smoothly as possible.


Also, we understand that not every church is the same. Our aim at Jermaine Bollinger is to cater to the style of worship at each church we play for. You want traditional, you got it. 

You want a contemporary service, that's our wheelhouse, and we can certainly accommodate. 

You want a service with accordion and a jaw harp? We'll do our best, haha. 

The point is, we don't come in with a set worship style, we adhere to the needs and atmosphere that are already established by the congregation, and desired by the pastoral staff. At Jermaine Bollinger, accommodation to worship culture is our goal.

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/// LYRIC VIDEOs ///

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